Update Screenshot Captor 4.42.0

Screenshot Captor is ontworpen om veel schermafbeeldingen te bemachtigen met minimale tussenkomst. Het heeft geweldige ondersteuning voor meerdere monitors en omvat een volledige beeldverkenner met volledige shell-functionaliteit. De app heeft ook een goede integratie met externe tools, zoals grafische editors en watermarkers.



v4.42.0 – July 21, 2022

[BugFix] Printing to some printers could result in printer throwing windows error failing to print; due to no title for print job set
[BugFix] Installer was failing to automatically close a running copy of the program when installing an update or uninstalling.


v4.41.0 – Jan 29, 2021

[BugFix] Resize dialog had controls off screen on windows setups with non 100% text size.


v4.40.0 – Nov 23, 2020

[BugFix] Added code to move window on screen if it was last used on a setup where a monitor has been disconnected.


v4.39.0 – July 29, 2020

[BugFix] Metadata in image files could contain extraneous image after viewing image taken with camera or containing other unusual meta data.
[Improvement] New option to skip sending home keys on start of scrolling window capture (see Misc. Options tab).
[Improvement] New option to open newly captured images in default image viewer (see Post-capture options tab).
[Improvement] File multi-line metadata comments now separated by \r\n instead of just \n.


v4.38.0 – Mar 23, 2020

[Improvement] Copying bitmap of screenshot to clipboard does not put unnecessary data on clipboard.
[Improvement] New option to disable color-change of tray icon during captures.


v4.36.2 – Jan 24, 2020

[BugFix] Running installer and letting it close a running copy of the program for updating could sometimes result in a recently changed setting in options being cleared.


Besturing:  Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Download:  http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/screenshotcaptor/downloads/ScreenshotCaptorSetup.exe
Licentie: Freeware
Schermafbeeldingen:  http://www.donationcoder.com/software/mouser/popular-apps/screenshot-captor

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