Update Strawberry Music Player 1.0.16

 Deze mediaspeler is gebaseerd op broncode van Clementine, die op zijn beurt weer was gebaseerd op Amarok versie 1.4. Strawberry Music Player wordt niet alleen voor Linux ontwikkeld, maar ook voor Windows en macOS. De speler kenmerkt zich door zijn gebruiksgemak, snelheid en vele mogelijkheden. De Windows-versie is beschikbaar in twee smaken.



Strawberry 1.0.16


  • Fixed lyrics from Musixmatch.
  • Fixed possible file corruption when saving both tags and embedded cover using the tag editor (#1158).
  • Fixed compile without GStreamer.
  • Fixed context and playing now album art rendering on High DPI displays (#1161).
  • Fixed setting source properties (device, user-agent, ssl-strict) with GStreamer 1.22 (playbin3) and higher (#1148).
  • Fixed rescan songs feature not ignoring mtime.
  • Search lyrics by artist instead of album artist by default.

Code improvements:

  • Replace use of deprecated QSqlDatabase::exec().

Added features:

  • Added backend setting for strict SSL mode.
  • Read AcoustID and MusicBrainz tags.
  • Submit MusicBrainz tags with ListenBrainz.

Strawberry 1.0.15


  • Fixed playlist column showing invalid last played date for streams.
  • Fixed crash when the audio bin failed to initialize (#1123#1133).
  • Fixed duplicated filename when organizing files using dot in the filename (#1136).
  • Fixed tag inline editing for streams (#1130).
  • Fixed resetting play statistics using tag edit dialog (#1124).
  • Fixed compilation songs not showing if group by was set to other than (Album) Artist / Album (#1140).


  • Added lyrics from stands4 (lyrics.com).
  • Added Sonogram analyzer.
  • Use GStreamer playbin3 with GStreamer 1.22.0 and higher.

Code improvements:

  • Use C++11 enum class where possible.
  • Use new QNativeIpcKey based QSharedMemory constructor with Qt 6.6 and higher.

Strawberry 1.0.14


  • Fix initial volume not set when using Auto as output (#1104).
  • Fix saving moodbar if the URL contains host, ie.: UNC paths for SMB (#1101).
  • Fix CollectionBackendTest compile error (#1100).
  • Remove explicitly enabling debug messages (#1106).


Besturingssystemen:  Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website:  https://strawberrymusicplayer.org/
Download:  https://strawberrymusicplayer.org/#download
Licentietype: Freeware GPL

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