Update Winlog32 v.7.3 Revision 46 (Ham)

Winlog32 is een Amateur Radio Logboek software ontworpen en werkend op alle Microsoft Windows-platforms, bijvoorbeeld 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10. Deze software is reeds vele jaren in ontwikkeling en wordt voortdurend bijgewerkt. De auteur (G0CUZ) biedt deze software gratis aan voor alle Radio Amateurs en SWL’s in ‘HamSpirit’.

Hoewel Winlog32 in het algemeen een logprogramma is , heeft het een duidelijke inslag op DX’ing op HF en VHF met uitgebreide tracking van diverse awards programma’s zoals DXCC, IOTA, WAZ, enz.



Release of Full update version 7.3 build 46 February 2023.

Full installation package available, no minor update available at this time.

This full version incoporates all changes from previous minor updates builds 44 & 45

Reports – Charts
Fixed minor calc. bug in QSLIn/QSLOUT Graph

Better handling of deprecated modes and submodes from ADIF (import only)

Added new ADIF Data modes to modes.txt file and handling where truncating necessary for Winlog32 and re-handling on export.

Satellite working
Added new sat ID’s and extended functions to include future sat names in separate file ‘satellites.txt’ a user editable text file in your Winlog32/Data sub-folder.

WAE Database update (Kosovo entity coded)

Remote UDP added ‘Hide’ option (minimise on startup)

Prefix update
Beacon Update
LoTW latest list included (Jan 2023)

You may get a warning from Microsoft “This software is not commonly downloaded”
Microsoft have been informed but this takes a while for them to update.
It IS possible to skip the warning “…” (more) and “Keep anyway”
You may also get similar warnings when trying to install the software, you can safely skip these.

The above illustrates the problems I have from latest Windows op/sys., when releasing a full install executable file, for this reason alone, there will not be any further full releases after build 46 (this version).
Only minor updates will be released from now on which will require a manual install (copy/paste)


73 Colin, G0CUZ


* * * VISTA / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Do NOT install into ..\Program Files Folder, due to modern operating systems file security behaviour you are strongly advised NOT to install into the ..\Program Files\ folder or sub-folders thereof, choose or make another folder like C:\HAM\ or C:\WINLOG32\ etc.

Besturingssystemen: Windows
Website: http://www.winlog32.co.uk/index.htm
Download full installation 7.3.46:   http://www.winlog32.co.uk/files/wl32v73.exe
Download Minor Update:  
Licentietype: Freeware


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