V48A, St Kitts , IOTA NA-104

I leave for St Kitts IOTA NA-104 on Sunday, November 21 and go to the Marriott for quarantine. On Tuesday, November 23rd I will be moving into John’s house – V47JA in Calypso Bay for my operation as V48A, mainly CW/FT8/FT4 before the contest on as many bands as possible.

I will continue to be active after the contest from Monday to Wednesday. I will participate in the SOABHP category in the CQ WW using my K3 and KPA500. I leave on Thursday, December 2nd to return to Florida. I’ve been to John’s house once for 30 minutes with Andy – N2NT, but I’ve never operated from there.

Qsl via WX4G, Club Log, LoTW, eQSL.

Op mijn twitteraccount geplaatst door EA1CS

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