YU DX Contest [CW,SSB | 80,40,20,15,10]

Contest sponsor: Amateur Radio Association of Serbia

Objectives: Developing traditional friendship between foreign and local hams.

Contest Period: Third full weekend of April, from 07.00 UT Saturday to 06.59 UT Sunday
(April 15-16 in 2023).

Participants: Any licensed amateur radio station.

A. SO-AB CW QRP <= 5 W
B. SO-AB-CW-LP <= 100 W
C. SO-AB-CW-HP <= 1500 W
D. SO-AB-SSB-LP <= 100 W
E. SO-AB-SSB-HP <= 1500 W
F. SO-AB-Mixed-LP <= 100 W
G. SO-AB-Mixed-HP <= 1500 W
H. SO-SB-Mixed (3,5 MHz any power)
I. SO-SB-Mixed (7 MHz, any power)
J. SO-SB-Mixed (14 MHz, any power)
K. SO-SB-Mixed (21 MHz, any power)
L. SO-SB-Mixed (28 MHz, any power)
M. MOST-AB-Mixed

Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters under the recommendations of IARU Region 1.
Calling CQ is forbidden in DX segments of the bands.

Modes: CW (A1A) and SSB (A3J). CQ calling practice: CQ YU or TEST YU.

Contacts: Any participant with any participant. With the same station, one QSO is permitted in each range
of different types of broadcast (cw and ssb).

Non-YU stations: RS(T) + QSO number.
YU/YT stations: RS(T)+County Abbreviation, e.g. 599 SBB.

QSO with YU/YT station 10 points
QSO with station from other continent 4 points
QSO with station from the same continent except their country 2 points
QSO with station from your own country 1 point
QSO YU/YT station with YU/YT station 1 point

Multipliers: Non-YU stations: DXCC countries, plus YU/YT counties – 1 multiplier per band regardless
of mode.
YU/YT station: DXCC countries – 1 multiplier per band regardless of mode

Results: Number of QSO points multiplied by number of multipliers.
Ranking of the YU / YT stations will be shown separately

Log: You can only send one log for one station.
The log should be sent to CABRILLO format at
If you have any problems sending logs to a robot, you can send it to email:
In both cases you will receive confirmation of the receipt of the log.
LOG DEADLINE: no later than 10 days after the contest
(before 23.59 UT on the April 26, 2023)

Awards: First places stations in all categories will be awarded Plaques provided by Sponsors
(a full list of sponsors will be announced soon after the event) and all other competitors
will be given Diplomas (Certificates) electronically.
The results will be announced on the YUDXC web-page.
The awards will be mailed or emailed to recipients.
– Single band entrants are required to include all contacts made during the contest period,
even if on other bands. Only contacts made on the band specified in the Cabrillo header will be
considered for scoring purposes.
– Dupes are not penalized and should be left in logs.
– Time difference in logs should not be greater than three minutes.
– If a station is a new multipler – and has not sent its log in, it should appear in at least two more
received logs in order to be accepted.
– The use of DX-Cluster, Skimmer or Skimmer-like technology is allowed, self-spotting is not.
– Invalid QSOs are not counted. Incorrectly received call sign or incorrectly received exchange
information makes a QSO invalid.
– Unique Calls, unless the organizer has a log of participant which would have been declared as
– For RUN stations there is a ten minute rule for band switching: when they switch bands, they must
spend at least 10 minutes on the band before the new band change.
MULT stations can change bands at will, but only to work new multipliers.

BGD – Beograd PIR – Pirotski upravni okrug
BOR – Borski upravni okrug POD – Podunavski upravni okrug
BRA – Braničevski upravni okrug POM – Pomoravski upravni okrug
JAB – Jablanički upravni okrug PRI – Prizrenski upravni okrug
JBB – Južnobački upravni okrug RAN – Rasinski upravni okrug
JBN – Južnobanatski upravni okrug RAS – Raški upravni okrug
KMO – Kosovsko-mitrovački upravni okrug SBB – Severnobački upravni okrug
KOL – Kolubarski upravni okrug SBN – Srednjebanatski upravni okrug
KOS – Kosovski upravni okrug SBT – Severnobanatski upravni okrug
KPO – Kosovsko-pomoravski upravni okrug SRM – Sremski upravni okrug
MAC – Mačvanski upravni okrug SUM – Šumadijski upravni okrug
MOR – Moravički upravni okrug TOP – Toplički upravni okrug
NIS – Nišavski upravni okrug ZAJ – Zaječarski upravni okrug
PCI – Pčinjski upravni okrug ZBB – Zapadnobački upravni okrug
PEC – Pećki upravni okrug ZLA – Zlatiborski upravni okrug

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